Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fox News Women Upskirts

"For what we have planned tonight I certainly wasn't going to wear pantyhose!"

Lindsay gently squeezed his pants to find a handful of large genitals.

Eventually she could not go on any more - he had worn her out - she was totally exhausted, eventually late into the night she fell asleep surrounded by his warmth. Tony looked down at her as she lay on his shoulder .

“Nor do I,” and a silence lasted all the way home.

“That’s not the point and you know it!” she said as she held her arms over her bosom.

There was near pandemonium as the crowd cheered the two sisters. Bloodied and dirty, the twins approached the King and Queen and curtsied as best they could with the heavy armor on. Standing proudly at their small height, the sisters boldly looked King James in the eyes and awaited their punishment, ignoring the opponents beside them.

I hear him softly chuckle, and then he positions himself between my legs. I feel the head of his cock probing the entrance to my dripping cunt. I want to beg him to fuck me, but I remember the last time I spoke and bite my lip. Slowly he presses forward, entering me with just the head. Then with one quick stroke he buries his entire shaft in my velvet tunnel. I gasp in surprise and some pain, he is huge, by far the biggest cock I have ever had. Then he thrusts forward and sinks another two inches inside me, and now I feel his balls against my ass. He is thick and long and every stoke hits against my cervix, as I am stretched tight around him. Buried inside me, he leans back and unties my ankles, placing my legs over his shoulder. At first he fucks me with long, deep strokes and I slowly adjust to his size and begin meeting each stroke by lifting my hips.

Rosie picked up the pace and I blew a hot load of spooge all over my own exposed belly and chest. Resting my head back against the rock, I exhaled deeply, my heart beating wildly. Remembering the taste of my cum from the other night, I used my fingers to scoop up the sticky cream and licked them clean. Fuck I wish my wife would learn to love my special sauce – I already thoroughly enjoyed the salty treat.

Although the excitement I felt had been building for so long, when the end came, it came suddenly. Seconds after a sharp cry had loosed itself from Ruth's lips to be followed by a satisfied sigh that drained her body of movement, I also came. I was almost too late. Not knowing whether she was on birth control, I withdrew and shot burst after burst of life giving juices onto her stomach and chest. Each one propelled with a throb like the recoil of a field gun.

Jen re-crossed her legs and let a pump dangle off her left foot and then it dropped to the floor. Her feet looked scrumptious, long and thin with a high arch. She had freshly painted toenails and fingernails. “Well……..How do mine rate?”

In my first visit to an adult store story you will remember that I ended up buying this sheer mini-dress that fits me like a glove. It is skintight and see-through. Well, my boyfriend at the time, Mark, had just come back from overseas. He was away for work for 2 months and to celebrate coming back home and being together again he booked us a weekend away at this 5 star hotel at the coast about 2 hours drive away.

It was almost midnight when they took a taxi home. Shari was very aroused at this time, she was aroused and excited in a way she never had been before. The atmosphere of the lesbian club had totally overwhelmed her. Everything was so natural there and for her it was very sexy watching woman with other woman and elder woman with younger woman. She had seen so many lesbian pairs with a huge age gap; there couldn’t be any wrong in it.

Harry was also a little confused by this latest development but had no choice but to keep quiet while his wife's lover dressed in silence and finally left the room. He noted that Janet didn't even see the young man to the door but remained seated on the bed until she the front door closed behind him.

“Come along! Come along! What’s keeping you?” demanded one of the technical assistants poking his head into a room full of naked or near-naked women. “We haven’t got all day, you know!”

'He likes feet,' Cindy thought to herself. 'Oh is that little bastard gonna get it now,' she said to herself. Then, as she watched on in fascination it kinda turned her on watching Chris inhale the heels that hadn't been washed in weeks.

About a week later, I was on the phone with my girlfriend Sarah. We've been friends since high school. I was the leader of our "in-crowd" back then and Sarah was my reliable sidekick. It's amazing that we've stayed friends all these years. Anyway, as I said, we were talking on the phone when she laid this little jaw-dropper on me: she said she was going to vote for Bush! I couldn't believe it. Sarah? Voting for Bush? I berated her! I argued and argued, but she wouldn't budge.

We were on the couch in my mini-suite and I settled in to him. He put his arms around me and started kissing. I wanted to get naked right away, but it was all so new to me that I didn't want to misstep. He wasn't moving things along, so I started to open his pants so I could get to that lump he had in his crotch.

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